Collection: Lepidolite

Lepidolite strengthens your emotional centre by raising self-awareness to become more purposeful and deliberate in your intentions and actions. Restoring balance to your life, it focuses your energy towards living in the present moment and achieving your goals. Nurturing a state of mindfulness, it reduces feelings of anxiety and depression by letting go of past regrets and dissipating your worries for the future.

When life gets overwhelming, Lepidolite instils patience and a sense of calm so you are able to assess things more clearly. By taking accountability of your behaviour, it empowers self-control to respond to distressing circumstances with rational thought and loving action.

Enhancing a restful sleep, Lepidolite’s soothing vibration induces relaxation to the body and tranquillity to the mind. Clearing energetic blocks, its gentle violet ray helps to release conditioned behavioural patterns. By making a conscious effort to change your old habits, it promotes a positive mind-set that expands the gratitude in your heart for all of the good in your life.