Collection: Howlite

Howlite teaches the virtue of patience by developing self-awareness. Heightening your intuition, it encourages the acceptance of circumstances that are out of your control. Activating the crown chakra, its pure white light encompasses the body to allow you to let go and come to peace with the situation.

Bringing stillness to the mind and relaxation to the body, Howlite invites you to settle in, slow down and unwind. Its soothing vibration offers a restful sleep and restores balance to your emotions. Inspiring compassion and open-mindedness, Howlite cultivates positive thoughts to overcome doubt and negative self-talk.

Howlite helps to regain composure in stressful situations by getting your thoughts and feelings in order. Easing aside frustration and anger, it instils clarity for making rational choices that will make better use of your time, attention and energy. Strengthening your focus to achieving your goals, Howlite ensures success will come to those who never give up on pursuing their dreams.