Collection: Amazonite

Amazonite reconnects you to the core of your being to develop a deeper understanding of your true self. Opening the heart chakra to love and compassion, it encourages self-acceptance and trusting your intuition. Aligning your values to your actions, it inspires you to live with integrity and transform your intentions into reality.
Highly protective against EMF emissions, Amazonite blocks and disperses these harmful frequencies from the body. Harmonizing masculine & feminine energies, it nurtures healthy boundaries to establish personal space and balance.
Activating the throat chakra, Amazonite empowers authentic self-expression. It brings clarity to your ideas, beliefs and emotions so that you can communicate your personal truth to the world. Speaking from a place of kindness and grace, it releases the fears of judgement, ridicule and confrontation. It’s soothing vibration calms nerves and eases frustration. Overcoming conflict, it encourages you to listen as others speak their truth to better understand their point of view.