Collection: Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone is known to uplift, inspire self-confidence and bring a sense of harmony to anyone fortunate enough to partner with it.

Almost as soon as Blue Goldstone was created, it became known for its emotional, spiritual, and physical healing properties. This beautiful stone looks like a reflection of the night sky and is beloved by healers and users alike for its juxtaposing vibrations of harmony and energetic vitality.

Blue Goldstone is one of the best stones for empaths. If you are hypersensitive, this gemstone is the ideal to accompany you at all times. This gem vibrates at frequencies of new beginnings and balance and is associated with the throat chakra, encourages acceptance of who you are and helps to express authenticity.

It is a very popular stone as an amulet. It is a stone capable of drawing out your inner glow and your positive power. It can change your thoughts in a great way and give you enough support to achieve your dreams or goals.