Collection: Moss Agate

Moss Agate helps Deepen a connection with Mother Earth, Moss Agate opens your heart to embrace all living things. Calling upon the guidance of the enlightened beings from the devic realm, its green vibration empowers the beginning of a personal transformation. Cultivating the energy of growth and renewal, its nourishing life force enhances vitality and replenishes the soul with love.

Moss Agate provides a strong emotional centre by balancing intuitive feelings with logic. Grounding negative thought patterns to be transmuted, it stabilises hyperactive temperaments and releases deep-rooted tension. Emphasising the importance of nurturing your health, it supports the recovery from emotional trauma and long-term dis-ease.

Offering courage, Moss Agate builds the resilience to defy any challenge that stands in the way of achieving your goals. By increasing self-confidence and knowing your worth, you attune to higher frequencies for attracting abundance into your life. Amplifying your intention, it directs your focus for taking action and manifesting your dreams into reality.