Collection: Citrine

Citrine encompasses the power of the Sun, Citrine’s bright and cheerful energy radiates happiness and amplifies the joy in life. Stimulating the crown chakra, this radiant crystal nurtures creative self-expression by boosting concentration and awakening the imagination. A brilliant conductor of light,

Citrine magnifies the power of manifestation and increases motivation for achieving your goals.

Its high vibration raises self-confidence and empowers you to overcome your fears by letting go of destructive tendencies and behaviours. Providing clarity to your thoughts and feelings, it revitalizes the mind and encourages you to view life through a lens of love.

Citrine is one of the crystals that never requires cleansing. As a powerful regenerator, it surrounds the body with a golden light to protect the aura and align all of the chakras. Re-energize any space by placing Citrine in the middle of a room to absorb and dispel stagnant energy.

For attracting financial opportunities, keep Citrine in your purse, wallet or the wealth corner of your home (the furthest, back left corner from the door). Just avoid placing this crystal in direct sunlight because its colour will fade.