Collection: Caribbean Calcite

Caribbean Calcite, a stone discovered in 2019, is a new type that has taken the natural healing world by storm. A rare stone that’s only found in areas of Pakistan, this crystal is made all the more precious by the fact that once all of it has been mined, there won’t be any Caribbean Calcite left to be found in nature. It’s possible that deposits of this stone may be found in other places around the world, but as of now, this seems unlikely.

Caribbean Calcite seems to be a strange name for a crystal that’s only found in Pakistan, a country that’s thousands of miles away from anything Caribbean. Once you see this stone for the first time, you will understand how it received its name.

Made of an eye-catching combination of Blue Calcite, white aragonite and light brown aragonite, the swirling patterns of colours within the Caribbean Calcite brings to mind the gentle waves, warm winds and tropical beaches of the Caribbean Sea. This is most likely why you’ll often hear this crystal also referred to as Caribbean Blue Calcite or Ocean Blue Calcite.