Collection: Labradorite

Labradorite inspires a journey of self-discovery to uncover the essence of who you truly are. Encompassing the unlimited potential of the cosmos, it strengthens your bond and trust in the abundant Universe. Increasing awareness of synchronicity as the working magic of co-creation, it encourages taking aligned action from a place of inner guidance.

Reflecting the astonishing spectrum of the Aurora Borealis, its luminous energy unites the chakras to allow for personal transformation. Overcoming insecurities and illusory beliefs, its brilliance embraces the darker aspects of yourself and brings to light the beauty and power within. Building resilience, Labradorite increases the confidence and courage to stand up to those who try to dim your light.

Opening the inner eye, Labradorite enhances psychic vision by elevating the mind to a higher state of consciousness. Protecting the aura of negative energies, it facilitates shamanic journeys to other worlds and past lives to enhance spiritual healing.