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Zebra Jasper - Tumble Stone

Zebra Jasper - Tumble Stone

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Zebra jasper is a type of jasper that is named after its resemblance to the distinctive stripes of a zebra. It is a form of banded jasper, which is characterized by its layered or striped appearance.

Zebra jasper typically features a combination of black and white or grey stripes, resembling the patterns found on a zebra's fur. The stripes can vary in thickness and intensity, creating a visually striking and dynamic stone.

Metaphysically, zebra jasper is believed to have grounding and balancing properties. It is said to bring a sense of stability and harmony, helping to align the chakras and balance the energies within the body. Zebra jasper is also associated with protection and courage, supporting one's ability to face challenges with strength and resilience.

In terms of its uses, zebra jasper is often used in jewellery making, particularly for bracelets, necklaces, and pendants. Its unique striped patterns make it a popular choice for creating bold and stylish accessories. Zebra jasper can also be used in decorative objects, such as carved figurines or polished stones, adding a touch of natural elegance to any environment.

Overall, zebra jasper is a captivating and versatile stone with its distinctive striped patterns. Whether appreciated for its metaphysical properties or used for its aesthetic appeal, zebra jasper is a beautiful and impactful gemstone.
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