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Shiva Lingam - Tumble Stone

Shiva Lingam - Tumble Stone

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Shiva Lingam, also known as Lingam or Shivling, is a sacred symbol in Hinduism that represents Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in the Hindu pantheon. The word "Lingam" is derived from the Sanskrit word "Linga," which means "sign" or "symbol."

Shiva Lingam is typically depicted as an elongated oval-shaped stone, often made of black or dark-coloured material such as basalt. It is believed to embody the essence of Lord Shiva and is considered a manifestation of his divine energy and power.

The Lingam is revered as a symbol of creation, fertility, and the union of masculine and feminine energies. It is considered a potent symbol of divine consciousness and is worshipped as a representation of the cosmic pillar that connects the earth and the heavens.

Devotees of Lord Shiva often perform rituals and offer prayers to the Shiva Lingam as a way to seek blessings, purification, and spiritual growth. It is believed to be a source of energy and a conduit to connect with the divine.

Please note that the significance and practices associated with Shiva Lingam may vary among different schools of thought and regions within Hinduism.
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