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Septarian Bowl ( 700g )

Septarian Bowl ( 700g )

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Septarian is a unique and fascinating gemstone that is known for its distinctive patterns and earthy colours. It is formed from a combination of minerals, including calcite, aragonite, and limestone, which create striking and intricate patterns within the stone.

Septarian is often referred to as "Dragon Stone" due to its unique appearance, which resembles the scales of a dragon. It typically features a combination of dark brown or black lines or cracks that divide the stone into geometric patterns, along with vibrant yellow or brown calcite centres. These patterns and colours make each Septarian stone truly one-of-a-kind.

Metaphysically, Septarian is believed to have grounding and nurturing properties. It is said to help balance emotions, calm the mind, and promote a sense of stability and security. Septarian is also thought to enhance creativity and aid in manifesting one's intentions and desires.

In addition to its grounding properties, Septarian is believed to have healing properties that benefit both the physical and emotional well-being. It is said to help boost the immune system, alleviate digestive issues, and support overall vitality. Septarian is also believed to promote emotional healing by encouraging self-confidence, releasing negative emotions, and fostering a sense of inner strength.

Septarian is often used during meditation and spiritual practices. Its unique energy is said to assist in connecting with higher realms, accessing ancient wisdom, and deepening one's spiritual journey. It is also believed to help facilitate communication with spirit guides and ancestors, providing guidance and insight.

Physically, Septarian is thought to have detoxifying properties, supporting the cleansing and purifying processes of the body. It is believed to aid in the absorption of nutrients and minerals, promoting overall health and well-being.

Septarian is not only valued for its metaphysical properties but also for its aesthetic appeal. Its distinctive patterns and earthy colours make it a popular choice for jewellery, decorative items, and crystal collections. It can add a unique and natural touch to any space, reflecting the beauty and diversity of the Earth.

It's important to note that the properties and effects of gemstones are based on beliefs and should not be considered as a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice.
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