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Mookaite Sphere (315g)

Mookaite Sphere (315g)

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Embracing your personal power by developing trust in your natural instincts, Mookaite encompasses all you have learned to guide you on the right path. Its grounding influence is a reminder that time is a precious gift that not everyone is fortunate to receive. Growing older is inevitable, however when you choose to live in the moment and appreciate all life has to offer, you honour your spirit that is forever young.

Mookaite Jasper vibrant layers of rusty red and burnt yellow reflect the beautiful landscape of its origins in Western Australia. It carries the vibration of the Earth’s pulse that nurtures the body, mind and soul with an energizing life force. Bringing all aspects of your life into alignment, it enhances well-being by establishing a solid foundation to prosper and thrive.

Encouraging personal growth, Mookaite deepens your understanding to the root cause of an obstructing emotional pattern. It offers a powerful new perspective to heal childhood wounds by acknowledging that your parents did the best they could within their ability. Moving past inherited limiting beliefs and dissolving the fear of the unknown, Mookaite empowers a renewed sense of confidence to take the leap and seek new horizons.

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