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Green Aventurine Raw Pendant (Silver)

Green Aventurine Raw Pendant (Silver)

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Bringing awareness to the highs and lows of life, Green Aventurine invites you to see the opportunity in every obstacle. Emphasizing the impermanence of negative events, it inspires you to embrace change by confidently persevering any challenge life throws at you. An optimistic mind-set is a choice and if you reframe your thinking to focus on the positives, brighter opportunities will appear on the horizon.
Its gentle vibration nurtures emotional balance and revitalizes the body to its natural state of joy. Letting go of past attachments, Green Aventurine teaches you that every experience is a lesson to further your personal growth.

Green Aventurine attracts abundance into your life by opening your heart to greater potential and infinite possibilities. Strengthening your connection to the Earth, its glistening green ray enhances a profound appreciation for Mother Nature’s bountiful gifts. Releasing the fear of lack and limitation, Aventurine enforces the belief that there is plenty to go around.

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