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Fire Quartz Tower (130g)

Fire Quartz Tower (130g)

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Fire Quartz is a strong crystal that can increase your fire and change it into pure, white light. It is also known as the "fire stone."

Stones such as these have been proven to burn away any emotional baggage from the past while simultaneously increasing the quality of your inner flame. Apart from being a psychic protector, it also fosters creativity and intuition, resulting in mind-expanding revelations.

Fire quartz may be an excellent beginner's stone for those who have little or no experience with meditation. The light and power that is contained inside you allows you to create whatever that is conceivable with your thoughts. It only takes a little effort.

• Vitality

• Spiritual

• Divine guidance

• Strength

• Manifestation

• Protection

• Root

• Sacral

• Solar plexus

Fire Quartz is a beautiful crystal filled with eye-catching inclusions. Like other forms of Quartz, it has a translucent finish and a glass-like sheen when polished.

What makes this stone unique from other varieties is the colourful swirls of red, brown, yellow, and orange. Like a lively flame, the hues create an unbelievable display of beauty that perfectly complements the white or clear backdrop.

Found in Brazil, Fire Quartz has also been found in the United States, Switzerland, South Africa, and Germany.

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