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Breaking Habits - Crystal Kit

Breaking Habits - Crystal Kit

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Introducing our BREAKING HABITS Habits Crystal Kit, a powerful combination of crystals designed to support you in breaking free from negative patterns and behaviour's. Each crystal in this kit possesses unique properties that work together to promote understanding, willpower, positive attitude, and emotional healing.

CARNELIAN, known for its vibrant orange colour, provides a deep understanding of oneself and others. It boosts willpower and motivation, empowering you to overcome obstacles and make positive changes in your life. Additionally, carnelian promotes a positive attitude, helping you maintain optimism and resilience throughout your journey of breaking habits.

HEMATITE, with its metallic lustre, is a grounding crystal that helps refocus your energy away from obsessive behaviours. It brings balance to your mind and thoughts, allowing you to stay centred and focused. Hematite also improves concentration and stamina, giving you the mental strength needed to overcome challenges and maintain your commitment to change.

LEPIDOLITE, with its calming purple hue, is a powerful crystal for releasing toxic patterns and healing emotional blockages. It helps you let go of fears and anxieties, allowing for deep emotional healing and transformation. Lepidolite supports you in breaking free from negative cycles by promoting self-acceptance, self-love, and forgiveness.

AMETHYST, known for its beautiful purple colour, is a crystal that aids in reducing cravings and addictions. It provides support in overcoming anxiety, depression, and addictive patterning. Amethyst also enhances focus, reducing scattered and fearful thoughts, allowing you to stay centred and focused on your goal of breaking habits.

With our Breaking Habits Crystal Kit, you have a powerful tool to support your journey towards positive change. Embrace the transformative energy of these crystals and experience the power of breaking free from negative patterns.


Please note that while crystals can provide energetic support, they should not replace medical advice or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare provider for any medical concerns or questions.

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