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Bismuth Keyring

Bismuth Keyring

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Bismuth’s colourful complexities honour the principle that we are all connected. Its spiralling staircase formation emphasises the coherence of the multidimensional facets of the Universe. With cascading layers of planes and pathways, this stunning crystal celebrates that your earthly experience is not linear, always presenting new teachings and opportunities to further your growth.

Its rainbow radiance illuminates the subtle bodies, ascending the mind to facilitate the practice of shamanic journeying and lucid dreaming. Directing your gaze inward, it guides your consciousness to explore other realms throughout space and time. Bringing awareness to the relationships in our lives, it promotes the acceptance of others’ uniqueness and cultivates a greater sense of belonging and joy.

Most often created in a laboratory, Bismuth undergoes a physical transformation from liquid to its beautifully intricate solid form. It teaches you to embrace change with an open mind and allow the outcome to unfold as your divine plan intended it to be. Rather than fixating on a specific result, have confidence that whatever is coming your way is of the highest good.

  • Confidence

  • Dream work

  • Focus

  • Love

  • Psychic abilities

  • Spiritual growth

  • Transformation

  • Vitality

  • Root

  • Sacral

  • Solar plexus

  • Heart

  • Throat

  • Third eye

  • Crown

Bismuth is a native element. It is an opaque brittle metal with a silver-pink hue and tarnished through oxidization to a metallic iridescent rainbow. Most specimens on the market are lab-grown and form intricate cubic staircase formations.

Natural Bismuth is rare but found in Australia, Bolivia, Canada, China, Germany, and Russia. Most pieces that are available now are Laboratory - Grown

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