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Apache Tears - Tumble Stone

Apache Tears - Tumble Stone

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Apache tears are a type of obsidian, which is a naturally occurring volcanic glass. They are small, round, and usually black in colour. Apache tears are named after a legend involving the Apache tribe, but they can be found in various locations around the world.

The legend behind Apache tears tells the story of a group of Apache warriors who were pursued by the U.S. Cavalry. Rather than surrendering, the warriors chose to ride their horses off a cliff. When the Apache women heard of this tragedy, they wept for their fallen loved ones. It is said that their tears turned into stones, known as Apache tears.

Apache tears are formed when molten lava cools quickly, preventing the growth of large crystals within the obsidian. This rapid cooling creates a smooth, glassy texture. The dark colour of Apache tears comes from the presence of iron and other impurities in the obsidian.

In terms of their metaphysical properties, Apache tears are believed to have a grounding and protective energy. They are often used in crystal healing and spiritual practices to help with emotional healing, grief, and releasing negative energy. Some people also use Apache tears for protection against negative influences and psychic attacks.

It's important to note that while Apache tears have cultural and spiritual significance, their healing properties are not scientifically proven. Their use should be seen as complementary to traditional medical approaches.

In summary, Apache tears are small, round stones made of obsidian. They are named after a legend involving the Apache tribe and are believed to have grounding and protective properties in metaphysical practices.
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