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Affirmation Palo Santo Box ( 10 pieces )

Affirmation Palo Santo Box ( 10 pieces )

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Affirmations can be a powerful addition to your Palo Santo ritual. Affirmations are positive statements that you repeat to yourself, helping to reframe your thoughts and beliefs. When combined with the cleansing and purifying properties of Palo Santo, affirmations can enhance and amplify the energy-shifting effects of the smudging practice.

Here's how you can incorporate affirmations into your Palo Santo ritual:

1. Set an intention: Before you begin smudging with Palo Santo, take a moment to set an intention for your practice. This could be something you want to release or let go of, or something you want to invite into your life. This intention will guide your affirmations.

2. Choose affirmations: Select affirmations that align with your intention. These can be statements that reinforce positive beliefs, affirm your worthiness, or promote healing and transformation. For example, if your intention is to let go of negative energy, you could use affirmations like "I release all that no longer serves me" or "I am open to receiving positive energy."

3. Repeat affirmations: As you move through your space with the burning Palo Santo, repeat your chosen affirmations silently or out loud. Allow the smoke to carry your intentions and affirmations throughout the room, cleansing and purifying the energy as you go. Visualize the affirmations becoming a reality as you speak them.

4. Focus on the present moment: While smudging and affirming, be fully present in the moment. Pay attention to the sensations, smells, and sounds around you. This helps to deepen your connection to the practice and increases the effectiveness of the affirmations.

5. Express gratitude: After you have completed your Palo Santo ritual and affirmations, take a moment to express gratitude for the cleansing and transformation that has taken place. Acknowledge the positive energy you have invited into your space and the shifts that have occurred within you.

Remember, affirmations are personal and can be tailored to your specific needs and desires. Experiment with different affirmations and find what resonates with you. By combining the purifying properties of Palo Santo with affirmations, you can create a powerful and transformative ritual for cleansing, healing, and inviting positive energy into your life.


Choose 10 Affirmations from the list below and add them into the notes section at order OR want something specific for YOU ? Send us your Personalised Affirmations. Please remember they have to fit on the stick so no more than 24 characters including spaces. We can do double sided but counts as 1 each side. 

( Personalisation is usually 3 working days from order ) 


Choose 10 Affirmations from the list below, OR use your own.

If using your own, no more than 24 characters with spaces included to ensure fits on sticks please. put chosen 1 in Notes at checkout -

If none chosen we will intuitively pick for you

Affirmations Available 

One day at a time

I am kind to myself

My voice matters

I am In control

I am beautiful

The past is not a reflection of my future

I am confident

Bye bye bad juju

Not today satan

Face everything and rise

Breathe in breath out

I am enough

Be what you wish to attract

I am loved

I am proud of who i am

I treat myself with respect

I focus on progress

I am abundant

I forgive myself & others

I accept & love myself

I invite peace into my world

I let every worry go

I manifest my desires

I am safe 

I see Clearly

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