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Crystals By Astraea

Heart Centred Breath - 16th Feb 7:00pm - 21:30pm - @ Crystals & Wellness By Astraea B91 3BH

Heart Centred Breath - 16th Feb 7:00pm - 21:30pm - @ Crystals & Wellness By Astraea B91 3BH

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Welcome to our special February workshop, "Heart-Centred Breath," a 2.5-hour exploration of love, connection, and self-discovery though the transformative practice of Transformational Breath®. In this month of love, join us on a journey to open your heart, cultivate self-love, and deepen your connections with others.

What is this Session About? "Heart-Centred Breath" is a workshop dedicated to exploring the profound connection between conscious breathing, love, and the heart centre. Through the practice of Transformational Breath® and a guided heart-based meditation, this session aims to create a nurturing space for participants to tap into the limitless well of love within and foster a heart-centred way of living.

Why is it Important? In the hustle of daily life, we may forget the power of the heart as a source of love, compassion, and connection. This workshop is crucial for those seeking to rekindle their connection with the heart, heal emotional wounds, and enhance their capacity to love themselves and others. It's an opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms during the month dedicated to matters of the heart.

Benefits of Transformational Breath: Transformational Breath® engages the full respiratory system, including the heart centre, promoting emotional release and heart-opening experiences. Participants often report an increased sense of love, compassion, and connection after engaging in this practice. By combining conscious breathing with heart-centred intention, this workshop offers a unique approach to cultivating and expanding the energy of love within.

Join us for "Heart-Centred Breath" and celebrate the month of love by deepening your connection with your heart and fostering a sense of love and compassion. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Transformational Breath® and experience the heart as a gateway to profound self-discovery and connection with others.

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